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Metropolitan JOSEPH's first Hierarchichal Visitation to the Monasteries.

With great joy, the monastics and their guests welcomed His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH for his first Hierarchichal Visitation to the Monasteries. Accompanied by His Grace Bishop JOHN, His Eminence joined the Monastics for Midday Prayers, an Epiphany blessing of the Campus, Dinner, meetings, and First Vespers of the Feast of the Purification of the Virgin Mary (Candlemass). During Vespers, His Eminence blessed and invested Prior Theodore as Abbot of the Monasteries of Our Lady and Saint Laurence, as the two communities of men and women are now to be known.

Although His Eminence's visit was a short one, it was a great blessing to our young communities and we will benefit greatly from his guidance, stories, and encouragement in the days to come. May God grant him, and all our Hierarchs, many years!

We were privileged to be joined for this wonderful event by the Very Rev. John C. Connely, Obl.SB, President of the Board of Directors of the Benedictine Fellowship of Saint Laurence, and Directors Stephen Greenlee, Obl.SB, and John Fiscus. Also in attendance were the Very Rev. John Fenton, Obl.SB, Assistant to the Vicar General, and several other clergy.

This momentous occasion calls to mind the need to thank all who have supported us by their prayers, gifts, and encouragement. Fr. Connely and our other Board Directors have done a great deal to make it possible for monastic life to take seed and grow at the Saint Laurence Center, and our gratitude knows no bounds. Our prayers are with all of you who are so important to our life and witness as Orthodox monastics following the Rule of St. Benedict!

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