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Welcome to our New Website!


Welcome to the new web presence of the Monastery of Our Lady and Saint Laurence. Please be sure to explore our updated and expanded features including the Gallery, Mountain Monk Store, and if you are an Oblate, the Private Forum.

If you are searching for information on planning a retreat, try our Hospitality page.

Or if you are discerning a religious vocation either Vocations or Oblate Info sections may prove helpful.

For men looking to luxuriate their facial hair or just to keep their unruly scruff hydrated we recommend trying artisan MountainMonk BeardButter, which can be purchased through following the links on both the Home page and at the top of our Mountain Monk Store.

In all things as you visit us online, we welcome you, praying that you may be blessed in the name of the Lord, whatever the purposes which have led you here.

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