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Spiritual Affiliates

The Monastery of Our Lady and Saint Laurence is pleased to extend spiritual fellowship to three special categories of persons who have chosen to build a special relationship with our community and support its life and ministries:

  • Oblates of St. Benedict

  • Associated Monastics

  • Friends and Volunteers

We encourage you to explore whether one of these special categories might be of value in your spiritual life and enable you to incorporate the values of St. Benedict's Rule into your own life in the world.

Oblates of St. Benedict

Associated Monks

Friends & Volunteers

Oblates are lay persons or clergy living and serving Christ in the world, who wish to model their lives on the Rule of Saint Benedict, in affiliation with our monastic community.

These are tonsured/vowed monks or nuns, belonging to canonical Orthodox jurisdictions of either Western or Eastern Rite, who are not members of any monastery but live on their own.

Not everyone is able to make a formal affiliation with a monastery. We welcome any Christian to get to know us through sharing in our daily worship and work, individually or during organized events.

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