Mountain Monk Studios

Mountain Monk Designs is the overall name for our efforts to produce greeting cards, inspirational calligraphy gifts, traditional Orthodox prayer ropes, and hand-stitched bookmarks, designed and produced by the monastics. Below, you will find a selection of the products available, after which there is a contact form that may be used for placing orders.

NOTE: At present, we are not able to accept credit card payments over the internet. We are in the process of adding a method for online payments in order to make ordering more convenient. After receiving your order, we will send it with an invoice that includes the cost of shipping and handling. We ask that you pay the invoice by check or money order promptly!


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Prayer Ropes

Greeting & Note Cards



Unique, Hand-made Prayer Ropes (komboskini/chotki)




Tied in silence and prayer by a solitary monk affiliated with our Monasteries, these prayer ropes feature crosses or icons specially decoupaged using public domain artwork.
100-knot     $18.00
  50-knot     $12.00
  33-knot     $10.00
Please note that $3.00 shipping and handling will be added to each mail order.

To Order, choose from the photograph (count from left and describe, please), and send us an email.

Mountain Monk Greeting and Note Cards

The cards are designed, cut, and hand-folded by Abbot Theodore. They make use of appropriate public domain works of iconography, art, or photography, or of original photographs taken by himself and others who have allowed him to use their work. We have both blank note cards and cards with messages (and sometimes Scriptures or liturgical texts) suitable for a growing number of occasions. At present, we are featuring three different cards for Holy Pascha.

The cards are approximately 4 3/16 x 5 3/8 inches in size, which uses less paper than larger cards (think green!).They are printed on white or colored card stock (on most, a border surrounds the outside image) and each comes with an envelope. The sets of 5 cards (identical or assorted) come tied with colorful cloth ribbon and are suitable as gifts.

Price List:

Individual card:       $1.99; 10% discount for orders of 5 or more, identical or assorted
Set of 5 cards:          $8.99; 10% discount for orders of 3 or more packs.

To order, send us an email.