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Caelitum, Joseph, decus

JOSEPH, whose glory fills the church with praises,
Spouse of the Virgin, Jesus' foster-father,
From the Almighty came thy high vocation,
Best of protectors,

WHEN the Redeemer, whom the prophets' chorus
Long had predicted, lay within the manger,
Glad was thy spirit, while in adoration
Lowly thou kneelest.

HE, who as the monarch reigns o'er creation,
Feared in the deepest, worshipped in the highest,
Veiling his Godhead, rendered meek subjection,
Unto thy bidding.

PRAISE to the Godhead, Three in One for ever,
Who with such honour wondrously hath blest thee;
O may he grant us, hearing thy petition,
Joys everlasting. Amen.
~Caelitum, Joseph, decus, Matinal Hymn to St. Joseph, Spouse of S. Mary the Virgin

St. Joseph, Most Chaste Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and foster-father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, pray for us!

* * *

Icon by the hand of Fr. Joseph~Marie of Ladyminster

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1 Comment

mabey a lil more white in josephs hair, looks like they're headed to temple, shouldn't they have boxes and curly sideburns on their heads?

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