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How Good and Pleasant It Is

It is always a pleasure to spend time with other members of the Monastic Order and join them in worship and fellowship. During his month-long sabbatical, Fr. Abbot has focused on experiencing the ethos, rhythm, and approach to accepting and forming men, young and old, in various monasteries, especially those who look to the Holy Rule of St. Benedict for inspiration and guidance. We hope to share photos and, perhaps, reflections from his travels in the near future after he has had time to review and process them.

Yesterday, Abbot Theodore was blessed to spend time with Abbot Tryphon (well-known for his blog, The Morning Offering) and the Brotherhood of All-Merciful Savior Monastery, Vashon Island. Father has known Father Tryphon and some of the other monks for a number of years and usually visits them when he comes to Washington State to see his family. The Brotherhood always welcomes him with great kindness and he is always pleased to join them for Services in their lovely Chapel. During this visit, there was opportunity for the two Abbots to talk about some of the challenges of screening and forming candidates for monastic life in our contemporary society. After Vespers, everyone gathered for a photo, taken for us by one of the other guests.

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