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Life in the Clouds over Colorado

It is one of those days when the clouds blow in from the east and veil the monastery campus in pale grey. This begins to coat all the trees and bushes with hoar frost (famously mentioned in the Psalms) creating a wonderfully picturesque landscape, especially after the clouds lift -- which, so far today -- they have not yet done.

Above is the view to the east from the upper ambulatory around the Oratory. Below, left, is a view to the northwest from the northwest corner of the same ambulatory; in the center is the Shrine of the Mother of God south of the ramp to the Oratory, where one can see the hoar frost accumulating on the bushes; and to the right is the retaining wall overlooking the rock garden and south patio of the monastery, where the trees are all glazed and gorgeous.

O ye frost and cold, bless ye the Lord... O ye ice and snow, bless ye the Lord,

Praise him, and magnify him for ever! (Benedicite, omnia opera Domini, vs. 13, 14)

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