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To everything there is a season...

St. Benedict says the Abbot should arrange - and rearrange - the tasks assigned to the monks depending on several factors. Here, we have not had to make major changes very often, but the time has come for a serious reassignment of duties:

  • Dom Joseph-Marie is now assigned as Guest Master and Business Manager, in addition to his duties as Cellarer and Cook. This will enable him to better coordinate various aspects of our hospitality and will employ his extensive experience in marketing and administration.

  • Hieromonk Sophronios, who is making an extended visit to our Monastery, has taken on the duties of Refectorian and Technological Services. His knowledge and adeptness with technology have already been highly beneficial!

  • Abbot Theodore is now the Sacristan; he will continue to handle publications, correspondence, and over-all management of the Campus. He will continue working with our Spiritual Affiliates and community and Church relations.

Pray that each of us will be blessed by God with the skill and discretion to perform our new duties faithfully and humbly.

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